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How much will my Conveyancing Cost?

How much will my conveyancing cost?

Transparent charges and making an informed decision.

In response to the Legal Services Market Study carried out by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), our regulator, has made amendments to the CLC Code of Conduct, Estimates and Terms of Engagement Code and the Complaints Code.

The purpose of these changes is to provide better transparency and more information for consumers so they may make more informed decisions about their choice of legal service provider. It is also the aim of the changes to foster innovation and competition in the legal services market.

Fletcher Longstaff pride themselves on customer service and their innovations in the provision of residential conveyancing services to their customers. For this reason Fletcher Longstaff wish to embrace the findings of the CMA.

Not all fees will be necessary in every case however we wish to make it clear we charge additional fees in certain circumstances. Other firms may not give such detailed information.

Our fees include charges carried out to protect you so far as possible, against seller imposter fraud, so that bogus law firm fraud is identified. Charges for carrying out work on behalf of your lender are specified. Registration at the Land Registry is carried out using the online e-Portal so that a secure audit trail is created and your transfer documents are lodged as early as possible. All your conveyancing documents are retained in electronic format and kept securely should they be needed at any time in the future.

Not all law firms offer or provide such services. We do, to protect and benefit our clients in what may be the most expensive and important transaction of their lives.

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