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Let the top-rated conveyancing firm on Trustpilot take great care of your client, speed up completions and make your life easier.

We’ll actually be a partner

Partnering with Estate Agents is a typical strategy of conveyancers to secure new business; but how many conveyancers actually deliver to you the experience they promised during the agreement phase?

Most of the cases Fletcher Longstaff completes are from clients who chose us due to our fantastic Trustpilot rating and recommendations from past clients. We are now opening up our service to those being referred by Estate Agents and other property industry partners.

We offer a commission on each case seen through to completion, and we know you’ll find fantastic value from the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a top-rated conveyancing firm.

Making work easier

Clients love our secure, online tracker system: your buyers and sellers can easily see the status of their conveyancing case, meaning less calls to you asking for an update.

Partners also get access to our Dashboard: oversee the cases you referred to us, meaning you’re also always kept in the loop.


We’re actively recruiting new Partners who want to recommend their clients to a better conveyancing experience, while also reducing their own conveyancer-induced stresses.

Drop us an email on, or use the form below: we’d love to hear from you.

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