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Bank Details Checker

Check our bank details

Using this secure online bank details checker you can check our bank details safely and quickly. We will never directly ask you for your bank details. It is always best to check with us if you are concerned about suspicious activity.

Why check our details?

By using this bank details checker, you can ensure that the details you have for Fletcher Longstaff are correct. Before sending over the fees for our conveyancing services! We wouldn’t want your money to fall into the wrong hands – it is always best to triple check the fine details. This fantastic software can perform specific mathematical checks to verify our details. It confirms whether both an account number and sort code have been entered correctly.

Whether you have called us, or have received our bank details by email, sometimes it is very easy to include an incorrect digit. By entering the details you think are ours, any errors can be identified, ensuring no erroneous direct debits are set up, for example. These are often a complete nightmare to fix with the bank, and can lead to additional charges too.

Alternatively, we are always at the end of the phone if you would like to contact us directly. However, we would advise using the bank details checker first as this is much safer.

Please note that our bank details will never change. If you receive a request asking you to send your money to a different account please contact us a matter of urgency prior to making any payment.

Enter the details you have for fletcher longstaff - not your own